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What is RWA

The Rome Web Awards (RWA) is the first italian official web awarding event.

It was created in 2013, and the first edition has been held in Rome in April 2014.

It has been created by Giuseppe Capudi, aka Scorpione, who is the Artistic Director and by Stefano Indraccolo who is the Technical and Administrative Manager.

The staff includes Domenico Barilari and Ilaria Ceccarossi.

The aim of RWA is to promote and award the best online videomaker of the entire world.

The competition is organized by International Videomakers Web Association, which is a no-profit cultural association born in 2013 with the purpose to promote, encourage, spread culture and art with a particularattention to videomaker's work.

RWA is known to be “Web Italian Oscars”, and the event is similary to the Academy Awards one. From the officially selected work will be nominated the favourite five, and then the final winner, for each category. 

It is the richest european event for number of categories with over 230 final prizes and 1000 nominations!

Each kind of work which has been published on web can be subscribed to RWA: Web serie, shortfilm, movies, documentaries, reality, web show, videoblog, videoclip, etc.

Il Rome Web Awards is the only award event created by videomaker, broadcasted on web.

Are you ready for the Web Italian Oscars?