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It is easy to subscribe:

  • Read and understand the rules. Be sure to have all requirements.
  • Fill in the form
  • Proceed with payment
  • You will receive a confirmation mail

If you have any problem This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view and we will help you


To subscribe fill in the form below in all its parts

PLEASE NOTE: Pressing the submit button you will automatically readdressed to PAYPAL payment page. If do you not complete the payment phase, you will asked to re fill the form.


Remember: all field of this form are needed.

The first part of the form (member) refers to Cultural Association International Web Videomakers members: please fill in with real information to fulfill legal formalities.

The second part of the form (creator) is related to work submission. Creator can be different person from the member. Only creators data will be used for the competition.


The data with (*) are compulsory.

Optional fields, if not filled, may exclude work from some competion category.


Where is asked Name and Surname of a specialist (i.e. composer) you can write Not Applicable if needed.

Please fill in the "cast" field, using the appropriate format.

When finished, press the "Submit" button to send the form. Once is sent, it is impossible to modify.